Just Flight VLJ Business Jet (FSX)

Just Flight VLJ Business Jet (FSX) 1.0

VLJ Business Jet is an add-on for users of MS Flight Simulator FSX or FS2004

Just Flight – VLJ Business Jet (FSX) 1.0 is a software simulation program add-on for users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator FSX or FS2004 enabling single pilot operation of a very light Business jet, or VLJ model, in 2D or 3D cockpits. The program features 3D model rich details with a full virtual cockpit or cabin and 3D pilots in the exterior model that animate. The Just Flight – VLJ Business Jet (FSX) 1.0 program comes with a fuelling truck and an operations manual with flight procedures and V-speeds. Nose wheel chock also displays when the aircraft is parked and the program features authentic sounds. See through windows and dynamic shine are featured in the textures of the 13 liveries included with the Just Flight – VLJ Business Jet (FSX) 1.0 and animations include; opening of the passenger door, flaps and rudders, elevators, rotating engine fans, and joystick. In maintenance mode, opening engines and wing tips are animated too. Special effects include weather such as rain and snow on the windows, and smoke and water splash. The instrument panel includes a Terminal Collision Avoidance System, and a customized Avidyne style glass cockpit, which is functional in both 2D and 3D views. The Multi-Function Display contains a Flight Plan Route information page, a miniature PFD, and general information in relation to aircraft systems, fuel usage, gear, flaps and trims, and more. A fully functional Autopilot Panel is also included in the Just Flight – VLJ Business Jet (FSX) 1.0 add-on.

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